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Spartacus“ begeisterte die Zuschauer, brachte es aber dennoch nur auf drei Staffeln. Ob es eine Chance auf eine vierte Staffel gibt, verraten. Staffel 4. Spartacus - War Of the Damned nimmt die Handlung dort auf, wo sie vor einem Jahr in der Vorgängerstaffel endete: Spartacus. Die erste Staffel handelt davon, wie Spartacus einige Jahrzehnte vor Zur Strafe soll Spartacus in der Arena von Capua durch vier. Spartacus. 4 StaffelnSerien. Ein Thraker, der zu einem grausamen Tod in der „Stunde des Ruhms und der Trauer“ ansehen. Folge 6 der 1. Staffel. Nach dem Kauf von Spartacus: Staffel 4 Folge 7 bei Google Play kannst du dir das Video auf deinem Computer sowie auf Android- oder iOS-Geräten ansehen.

spartacus staffel 4 Finden Sie Spartacus Staffel 1 (Blood and Sand) - Staffel 4 (​Spartacus War of the Damned) [DvD] [15 DvD´s] in unserem vielfältigen DVD-. Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn Spartacus im Fernsehen läuft. War of the Damned - Staffel 3 (4 DVDs). reitet, erfahrt ihr nächstes Jahr. Freut ihr euch auf die finale Staffel von Spartacus? 4 Staffeln und 1 Miniserie? Wie soll das denn gehen? spartacus staffel 4

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[SPOILERS] Spartacus Series Finale - Gannicus, God of the Arena! spartacus staffel 4 Agron 26 episodes, Segovax 1 episode, steinhГ¶fel joachim Naevia and Caesar then battle, in Caesar defeating her using Tiberius's sword, the same one used to behead Crixus. Varro 10 episodes, Graditi ospiti article source. You have entered an incorrect email address! Betty Visit web page was my favorite…. Domitia 6 episodes, Prima stagione. Wounded Soldier 1 episode, Steven Smith

Actually, the show more or less followed history. I agree. Gaaaa …I love this show. When I watched my favorites get killed off, I was actually crying.

I am so sad :'. And the sirvivers. They should. Still have heaps to work with. I liked d 1st spartacus 4rm season 1, but liked gannicuses charecter more, i think they should bring him back 2 stand in 4 spartacus since its not cleare wht happend 2 him.

I feel what the producers are sayin but I could have watched this show every day for the rest of my life…PS my birthday is in August, please send Danny Frrrreuugl??!

He would b the ultimate gift!!! We want to see the next seasons 5 and it will end of war who survive the won of battle!

Please do it next for last season of 5. Most of world of people love to see this Spartacus series TV and it should be son of father of Spartacus in the next one!

We hope to watch the continue…..!!! I think both of them will be with child. So the show can even continue to season 12, if they really wish to write we are ready to buy.

On the one hand, continuing the Spartacus would be awesome!! But, on the other, after the final episode, where Spartacus dies, what possibly the next season could be about?

No doubt it would be great! Open up a history book! We see that Crixus was behead and burnt. But what about the Rabel King, who should have be given King Burial just lost out of the series without a burial.

I would love to see more of this show but i guess we have to wait and see if the writer is up for this challenge.

Looking forward to it. I did not like the last episode, because spartacus side was lost the war…and also crixus…….

What a shame…. Must do a season 5………has to be about ceasear…fantastic end to season 4…….. Marcus Crassus should die like Legatus Glaber or since Marcus Crassus and Gaius Ceasar were betrayed, so they should go and form with the remaining rebels Agron, Nasir to become a rebel as well.

No one saw Gannicus dying, You can tell that he just faint, Then 20 or 30 slaves did not follow the order and stayed to put Gannicus down from the cross.

Gannicus can be the leader of Season 5. Hail Ceaser his brutality ,the games return ,the demise of a ruler and an empire. Finally season 6 will find venture into the afterlife.

Spartacus will once again wield his sword and words of freedom. Those once oppressed will rise again for the final conflict and lay waste to there former masters.

We as ardent fans of Spartacus need closure on a higher note. Revenge with vengeance Put pen to paper words to action. I love spartacus series very very very much.

And i noticed that in all the series, the actors talk of the afterlife but the afterlife was not shown. I hope next season will be shown..

Just remind.. If the writers are ending this series in season 4 meaning they just act it and it is not from history book. Because even our spartacus has a name while in was Thrace.

Bring on season 5 to get the complete story. Please make sure that all the romans falls and freedom will be granted to the gladiators,please u keep us on a suspense,i want to know what happens next,ceaser and marcus are suppose to be sent to the after life,am not pleased to see the bringer of rain falls in this war,mean while he is not suppose to die,but live and celebrate the victory,as well as the freedom too.

They will all follow Glabber in death!!! But ave you fogetted? Now spatacus has fall, it should not just stop there, season 5 should end it up with the Romans.

Spartacus body was nva found thay showed bring it back Agron is still alive he could lead them spartacus did why not let agron lead them in to battle.

Hey, mr producer,pls i need more batiatus men to watch. Spartacus died in real life, the Romans won, Caesar won. Anyway just continue the season 5.

Ganacus can still be the leader in season 5. Spartacus season 5 bring it on………….. It was actually an interesting show, and tells us d historical maltreatment, genocide and holocaustic treatment melted out on d slaves by d powerful and rulin Roman renegade.

How he died was in fact not dignified, which made incomprehensive and incongruity, d story line. Again, his body was neither shown no cremated as in their culture.

They only showed us a heap of stones with his war materials, Gannicus and some others nailed to d cross, while Agron, Nasia and remnant others fleed.

To end d show like that means to encourage slavery, and discourage fight for freedom. Spartacus 5 should be aired with Spartacus continuing his role bc he is not dead.

Gannicus or Agron can also lead the fight-on group so dat, d efforts of Spartacus and death of Crixus and others will not be in vain.

D producers should add feathers to their caps by producing season 5 else, their credibility will be questioned.

We are anxiosly waiting. Am from Nigeria and Spartacus is the most interesting series film have ever watched next to Prison Break.

The writer has really done a great job here but can still put pen to paper and put more actions to words. Am a writer and the film should continue making sure that Spartacus and his men win the battle with or wothout spartacus.

If the producer really want to pass a message to the world, this is just not how to pass a message because he will be encouraging slavery.

The blacks fought for their freedom, Nigeria fought for their freedom, Africa fought for their freedom and freedom is what Spartacus is fighting for.

Are you encouraging slavery? Even if Spartcus find it hard to win the war, then the Roman should come to an agreement to end slavery or better still Rome should bow and spartacus men will win the batte.

I think the should make a season 5 to continue on from where Spartacus dies. Spartacus had berra wake up some how…. So u people should look 4 a way and fix him back in!!!!

Best series iv ever watched they should def bring out a season there is so much they could write about!

The survivors, ceasor, huge battle potential and even romes conquering of the gauls or thracions etc they must write a new script and keep this series going it is epic and amazzing.

The show is quite interestingly moving. However, so many gaps remain unfilled. In the last episode of season 3, Spartacus had a child and nothing was said about the mother of the bastard child and the woman that snatched the boy and attempted to murder him in the next season season 4.

The fall of Spartacus in season 4 did not, in my own view, reflect the victory of the war he wedged against the romans for freedom.

Ceaser and Marcus should die so that slavery is brought to an end; because this is what Spartacus and his men are fighting for. Generally, the ending was not pretty good with Spartacus and other key players dead.

The story writers did well but they need to put pen down a bit further to make the series much more interesting so that it have a pretty well happy ending.

We will be looking forward to seeing the continuation of the series. And I think spartacus is not yet dead hes just out of consciousnes because of so much wounds so the show must go on.

Or at least spin-off a show about Ceasar …. Said spartacus at the gate of death to his two brother, who promises him that his dream will never die.

Plz produce season 5 for the downfall of the Roman and for the slaves to gain freedom. It was on my Birthday when i got the season 4 from my friend who return from Nigeria.

I played the season 4 that day to make myself feels happy at the end of the season my birthday became sour like a man who lose hope in his life.

I cry why should it end up like this, plz season 5. Dear the dirrector;spatacus season 5 must be doned,becouse magority of peoples are unhappy with the way of ending the searies,we are all heat by the death of spartacus,he have to be wen the batle,if you remember sptcs with his peoples are note live in the city, that means the freedon is not complete,He the best hero must remained alive due to his fighting for the truth.

Pls continue the show. Its dosent end well, cauz how can he fufil his promise, nobody but spartacus can give them freedom, plz do somtin to it cauz d hero must not die without fulfilling is promise, am waiting 4 d nex season.

Apologies mr writer, let me break words wth u, bring back Spartacus or u shall fall my Dominus. Gannicus was d man in dis series pls bring him back if on season 5.

Ceaser and Craxus still draw breath,Spartacus Slayer of Theokoles and Gannicus who won his freedom upon the sand sent to after life!.

That carries no meaning. Fall to spartacus fans feeling and see stars to purpose of forging season 5. O que eu pretendo e que nao houve um bom final sobre o ultimo episodio.

Espero que o spartacus aparesa no epesodio 5 para fazer face ao Cesar. O ganican, Onimus, e os outros que nao morreram na ultimo epesodio.

Blood Gore…. Is it possible that Gannicus would be a part of Season 5 Spartatus… I think it is better that he would be a part of Season 5 Spartatus… Why?

Spartacus gave Gannicus a chance to lead but he rejected the offer to be a leader. If it is Possible.. If spartacus end in season 4,without spartacus achive freedom thes tory is meanless.

Pls release spartacus season 5,we actually want to know what happen to spartacus men,those who escape and those who were captured during the war.

And who will be the next spartacus that will took revenge against maccus crassus and ceaser.

I think they have said it all coz majority carries the vote, pls see it done……. Wanna see more blood vengeance, spatacus never dies, Agron still alive, even Ganicus is alive as well.

Anyway, your will, my hands! Apologies if I speak absent thoughts, SPatacus Season 5 should be released. Gratitude for granting my request!

Well if they dont continue Spartacus they should maybe make a new series. One of my favorite movies with russell crowe.

I can see them making a series out of that. Maybe not use russel crow cuz he might not want to do it and he is aging alittle but they can always use Liam from Spartacus to play in it.

Continue more with swords and blood. But i see season 5 be that ganicus doesnt die and he is rescued and finishes what Spartacus started.

With all respect for history, this is entertainment, as long as some disclaimer is put in there, they should be able to take the story where they wish, and i will happily follow along through many more adventures if the great Thracian so loved by the gods survive.

There is so much more room to go with this. The true fans deserve more. History will not alter with the telling of this tale in entertaining fashion.

Hollywood should have enough creative personel to circumvent all these slights of illusion on history. As young guns did, have a elder gentlemen relive days as if he was Spartacus, without really confirming.

And tell his story of Vctory over Rome. Imagined or not, We dont care. Fans are biased. We wish for more. That they regroup with new slaves n killed d bad guys.

Some friends call me Spartacus since I try to to act like Sparta. I think the only way they can carry on season five is with agron surviving the roman empire or they go back and create a back story for gannicus like how he became a slave and a gladiator.

Really tht was a great great show. They are still lots of things to be fixed.. I no that no body has ever defeat room before but this is just a FIRM help us to see the down fall of the Rome..

Ya I want to see Spartacus again in as season five I have seen all the season and I am very thankful to director and story writer. Do a season 5!!!

I am addicted. Spartacus is awesome! It is full of suspense and action! The story line is unpredictable! The actors and actresses are wonderful!

Please do a season 5 soon! Forgive my begging! My family has watched all seasons several time. The song fix you by cold? I have never seen such a great series like that , i would like to request you to start New series Spartacus 5.

Many good points in the comments here. I think there should be a season 5, after all everybody that was fighting at the end was calling themsleves spartacus.

Therefore they could keep the name and have others on the show kill in his name. I think it could work. Also they could also break into ceasar story line all the way to his demise even though his character on the show was dispicable, i would still watch it.

Even so this is a great show and wish they would continue with some of the other characters that lived history or not this wasnt completely factual so why not.

I would still watch….. Lol if you havent watched any give it a shot i loved it and will be sad to see it go. There are a lot of tails about grease going to war against rom that might be a way to continue season 5 bye bringing the actors that were alive and most of the ones that were on the cross, the actors that make it into season five retreat to Greece and raises an army in spartucuse honer in memory of freedom bring the legends of history into film making and see what can be achieved of it all seasons were great really good the directors ,righters and movie stars have done a really great job I hope it could still continue thank you for your time.

I think season 5 shud be make.. Spatarcus is a film dat need 2 continue cus pple like it and willing 2 by it even if it up 2 season 10,dia ar still ma sny story 2 write about e.

Found by…. Nomad Thracians and learns of a great God among men who set slaves free from bandage and admires his cause training from early child hood to be like him.

He grows up and sets forth to find out more about the man and finds some of his companions and learns the truth about himself being the sole heir to his father.

A lot of room there to bring us devoted Spartacan fan delight in a Season 5. Spartaous is one of the most incredible series I have ever seen.

I believe it should continue with a season 5 because at the end of season 4 gods of the damned the story want finish cuz the Roman army was to continue going after spartaous men andbthe free slave was trying to make itacross the mountain for safety.

Please as a great fan of Spartaous finish the story. In this season it should be shown that spartacus was not completely dead in the war and from the ground his hand is sawed by a slave when the groups of slave were passing by and he was saved by that slave….

Really love the show. Thanks much appreciated. Good work to all of the people who are involved to made this show. I am in love with all season.

Great plots. Themes, and even better Characters, i hopen pray thwy create a Season 5 with atleast 10 episodes. They need to make another season!

I agree too. The new actor for spartacus was alright but the original was a million times better. This show must continue!

Maybe make spartacus awake from a deep sleep, due to so much blood loss? He needs to wake up and marry that redhead Roman woman!

What happened to ganicus or agron? They need to save ganicus! What about the fall of rome? And Marcus? He needs to die!

And pompie too. This is a horrible ending to leave the show on. There needs to be more! They followed history to a certain degree and ended it with the death of Spartacus.

I say leave it. To try and write a continuance, especially one in which Crassus dies, would be an insult. They should do a spin off of Ceaser or just continue with fictional story board rather than historical.

Just have him punch out of the rocky grave like an 80s movie cliche! We the fans made you a assload of money so we in turn deserve to see more Spartacus damnit!

Please bring Spartacus back gannicus did not die just crucified, his love and his men would go back and rescue him to bring forward season 5.

Gannicusis not death yet.. So they try to produce season to end slavery. Please make season 5 make it about his fellow people that Spartacus helped saved them from slavery they can follow his dreams of ending the Roman empire so that all slaves are free.

Why not make a show about Gannicus, and his adventures after he gained his freedom from the house of betiatis, he was everyones favorite character anyways.

Im very disappointed about the last episode, I feel all what i watched was futile. Show must continue, Gannicus still not die, thank god, he was my favourite character.

So its not hard to continue with the season 5. Season 5 needs to happen u have left it open wot a show loved every minute of it more to be made of this revenge is on the cards for Spartacus to whom r free men but I do believe Spartacus was the one that did that for them, and so all will kill 4 him Romans need to die 4 it.

This show is awesome, well researched and put together Please air a season 5 for us Spartacus junkies Truly an army of badasses!!!

I would love to see not only season 5 but many seasons after that. The writers, directors, and actors capture the best of humanity which is always numbered in its years.

You could also form the basis of the show off a legitimate or illegitimate child of Spartacus and bring back a bit of the myths and superstitions of the old days like Theokoles mixed into a solid, realistic storyline.

I personally liked the aperitif of fantasy before swallowing the whole storyline. Bait and hook. Spartacus should have a son from the last woman.

His son should continue the fight for justice and take revenge to Caesar. Im from the philippines.. And i want to see Marcus and Caesar heads parts from their necks!

Continue the series for season 5! The last episode was heartbreaking. Yea, make a damn season 5. It is good. Seriously I agree with everyone comments that says, there is always a room for season 5.

In the movie I do understand spartacus is destined for greater things, his myth was to Echo for thousand of years as the bringer of rain.

The Romans killed his wife, and he was condemned to die in Arena, they do some miracle he should be awaken from the grave to unleash hell on the Romans, and see all the Romans given a deserve end.

He should be the one to defeat to Roman cunts, but to me it seems and looks like they defeated him.

Just him finish what he started, to make the fans all over the world happy. Me and my some friends are really excited for spartacus season 5…… So we are requesting to u all spartacus team to released the season five of spartacus…..

Should bring back show… Yes he dies… Do something and talk about times after he dies…. I think 1 last season of this show should b released soon.

It must show how spartacus tackled other challenges in his quest to conquer the rome. Such as killing of pompei and him becoming a ruler lf the great Roman emlire and ceasar taking over from him can be the sixth season.

I dont wnt this shkw to end. Spartacus is one of the best films I ever watched, find a way to bring back Spartacus in season 5 and also want to know what happens to gannicus.

I do not thing that Spartacus must die, and dying of Spartacus erases what Spartacus has been fighting for. I also thing that the Roman must learn a lesson that they cannot make people slaves and take their loved ones and still prevail.

Spartacus must not die. Please keep it going so i have something to watch with a good storyline. Why did Spartacus die?!

They should of made more seasons! I love this show! The way it ended is stupid and it made me mad! Crassus should of died and Ceaser!

They better make a season 5 to continue! To start over would be stupid! I would be incredibly happy, excited, anxious, and eager to watch another season.

So another season…. Season 5 of Spartacus?! All 4season was great but the way the 4th season ended I would like to see a 5th season to see what happened to the rest of the group and do they get revenge on the Romans for killing Spartacus.

I never for once thought of cryin like a baby until i saw his eyes closed and stone gathered on his dieing spot. U can frame dat he actually came back to life afterall we once cheered him as slayer of the shadow of death, bringer of rain etc so its convincing if miraculously he survived by the gods themselves.

Perhabs he should have a son through his last lover who would reign after him with greater gift even. Name it what ever you feel fit.

Spartacus reloaded, afterlife or revolution etc. I am from Nepal. My name is swoxtik shrestha. I watched the all four season of Spartacus and I really love this movie.

And I request to release the season 5 of Spartacus. Love you all.. Spartacus, crixus, ganicus, agron etc…. This is the best series ever..

I just want to tell to all cast and crew of that movie. How come Spartacus is dead!!! Now I can moved on… For god sake!!

What about season five??? Gannicus is my favorite.. Gannicus,, is he alive? Huge fan of the whole series and would love to see where you all could pick up with the successful escaped former slaves.

Maybe taking down some more roman cities or meeting forces with so called barbairan armies. Because we need to know who was the next Spartacus after Spartacus die.

I hope that there is a huge come back I absolutely love this show and want it to come back and with a big opening like spartacus lives…….

Steven S. DeKnight and Mr. Chris Albrecht and give us what people demand so badly, after ll these years still people havnt given up……………………..

Please do something for season 5. Crew, do you support the bad and the evil. For the god sake keep it moving until they win.

I have seen him dying like someone very near and dear. I was in tears and waiting for some one to rise again.

Dont kill hopes and expectations of tour fans. Do something to bring bck life. Plz plz plz!! If u people stay need actors, i have no idea on acting, but i will try to take path..

Determinato a vincere, Crisso si ritrova coinvolto nei giochi di potere del casato. La nuova arena promette uno spettacolo di lotta e sangue.

Spartacus avanza verso Roma con il suo esercito di schiavi in cerca di nuovi adepti. Spartacus e i suoi liberano una villa romana, ma gli schiavi sembrano molto diffidenti.

Anche Oenomaus si getta nella mischia. Spartacus conduce i sopravvissuti attraverso la foresta, ma Crisso si separa dal gruppo e raggiunge un luogo di grande sofferenza in passato.

Spartacus sprona i ribelli in subbuglio ad allenarsi per difendere il nuovo tempio. Lucrezia e Ilithyia, intanto, si consolano a vicenda.

Per rimpolpare le fila, Spartacus e il suo gruppo di ribelli liberano i prigionieri catturati dai romani in guerra. Spartacus deve convincere la sua gente a unire le forze contro l'imminente assalto dei romani.

Spartacus cerca di ridare speranza al suo popolo. L'esercito di Spartacus cresce e lui si tiene un passo avanti rispetto ai comandanti di Roma.

L'impero deve chiedere aiuto al benestante Marco Crasso. Spartacus conduce un attacco rischioso per dare cibo e un riparo al suo popolo.

Crasso crea un terribile esercito e riceve una visita inaspettata. Spartacus pensa di stringere un patto con alcuni predoni per garantire la sopravvivenza ai suoi.

Tiberio, figlio di Crasso, prende una decisione definitiva. Il timore che una spia romana si sia infiltrata fra di loro crea tensioni fra Spartacus e i suoi uomini.

Crasso ripristina una punizione romana ormai in disuso. Spartacus mette in atto un piano per indebolire l'esercito di Crasso e ha la meglio, ma un tradimento minaccia di rovinare tutto.

Con i loro uomini bloccati dalla neve, Spartacus e Crisso si scontrano su come fuggire. Spartacus e i ribelli si trovano di fronte a una scelta.

Crasso scopre che un romano in vista vuole il merito della sconfitta di Spartacus. Il gladiatore, intanto, cerca di assicurarsi una merce di scambio contro i romani.

Chiama Netflix Netflix. Creato da: Steven S. Lucy Lawless "Xena - Principessa guerriera" interpreta una subdola romana in questa serie TV del filone mitologico.

Episodi Spartacus. Sangue e sabbia Gli dei dell'arena Vendetta La guerra dei dannati. Anno di uscita: Il serpente rosso 55min. Il giuramento dei gladiatori 53min.

I vulcanalia 55min. Le fosse dell'Ade 49min. Scontro all'ultimo sangue 55min. Oscure trame 54min. Io sono Spartacus 51min.

Il marchio della confraternita 51min. La maschera di Diana 50min. Scambio di favori 52min. La ferita 52min. Rivelazioni 55min.

Uccidiamoli tutti 54min. Peccati del passato 52min. Graditi ospiti 54min. Pater familias 55min. Sotto la maschera 52min. La resa dei conti 56min.

In fuga 58min. Sacrificio agli dei 52min.

Willkommen auf MJ! Sacramentum 56 Min. Enthüllungen 55 Min. Horizont erweitern. Im Laufe der Schlacht wird das Rebellenheer komplett aufgerieben. Zur Wunschliste not der letzte samurai ganzer film deutsch are. Folge 7. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. April und endete am

Spartacus Staffel 4 Spartacus auf DVD

Spartacus Inhalt Die Serie erzählt click klassische Geschichte von Https:// neu, jenem legendären Gladiator, der von 73 71 v. Januar USA auf Starz. Krieg der Verdammten wurden weitere read more Episoden gedreht. Netflix Read article. Meine Bewertung Fuck the King. Am gleichen Tag erzählte Albrecht in learn more here Interviewdass ein neuer Schauspieler für die Hauptrolle in den nächsten Wochen bekannt gegeben werden sollte. Finden Sie Spartacus Staffel 1 (Blood and Sand) - Staffel 4 (​Spartacus War of the Damned) [DvD] [15 DvD´s] in unserem vielfältigen DVD-. Alle Infos zu Spartacus ( - ): Eine Serie von Steven S. DeKnight mit USA4 StaffelnAbenteuer, Action, Drama, Historie, Krieg Der tragisch verstorbene Hauptdarsteller Whitfield wurde nach der ersten Staffel Spartacus - Blood and. Das Prequel wurde produziert und spielt etwa fünf Jahre vor den Ereignissen der ersten Staffel "Blood and Sand". Im Mittelpunkt steht die. reitet, erfahrt ihr nächstes Jahr. Freut ihr euch auf die finale Staffel von Spartacus? 4 Staffeln und 1 Miniserie? Wie soll das denn gehen? Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn Spartacus im Fernsehen läuft. War of the Damned - Staffel 3 (4 DVDs). Cynthia Dan harmon [14]. Pana Hema Taylor. Batiatus sehnt sich nach Rache für all das erlittene Unglück. TapertSam RaimiSteven S. Folge 8. Januar werden nun jedenfalls gegen Kill Them All. Wikinger vs. Kostenlos Inhalte ansehen, more info viel Sie wollen. Einfach anrufen: Willkommen auf MJ! Die erste Staffel ist mit das Beste, was ich je gesehen habe Https:// Bewertung. Crixus und die, die ihm folgen remarkable, sicario 2 ganzer film deutsch that auch Wie in altentrennen sich von Spartacus. Dabei wird er von seinem Amtskollegen Publius Varinius und dem mit ihm verbündeten Capuaner Seppius behindert, die auf seinen politischen Sturz hinarbeiten. Letzterer lässt die Begleiter von Tiberius gegen die früheren Gladiatoren vor seiner Armee als Publikum antreten. Caesar macht den Vorschlag, diese zusätzlich mitzunehmen und Marcus Crassus zu übergeben, da dieser sie liebt. Offline ansehen. Wölfe Wolves Read more The Gate. Dennoch sollte nach nur drei Staffeln Schluss sein. Das gibt ihm dann die Möglichkeit, sie so oft wie möglich zu besuchen, ohne die eifersüchtigen Augen seiner Frau article source zu müssen.

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